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slowly slowly im setting up a new website. more to come. stay tuned.

The great guys at Beau Joubert Winery have done a little write up on Love Mary J. Click over here to read the full article on my background and beginnings. You can also enter the
competition over here.
Thanks guys. x

Have a look at this exciting project I have been asked to be a design & illustration judge for: A Beau Joubert wine label. Im going to go ahead and repeat that. A WINE LABEL. Eeeeep. How exciting. They have a great theme which illustrators need to sketch accordingly to, I'm a little jealous I cant participate myself but am so eager to see what will be produced.

The winner (whom I am envious of already) will win a case of twelve bottles of their labeled wine, as well as 10% of all purchases of this limited edition. Jeepers, but thats sounds good to me. Go on to their website to enter.

Im pretty excited about it and feeling rather chuffed to have been asked to be a judge. 
 Thank you Beau Joubert Winery.

A special request: very excited to have done this piece which will be tattooed. Cant wait to see the results. What other nice tattoo designs can you think of?

What is all of this you ask.....they are all my donations to 1000s Drawings event happening in a few months in Joburg (you can find more details here). In this heap of goodness you'll find things like shining diamonds, whimsical clouds, hooting owls, arrow heads and buzzing bees. All purchases are going straight to charity. Support your local do-gooders!

Eeek Im so excited! I have received my 2 silver twisted rings from Thula Jewellery all the way from Cape Town. I love all things delicate - these will be accompanied by my Dear Rae heart ring. My fashion idea is to have many different ones so I can mix and match them. Must. Order. More.
Love South African design.

LoveMaryJ has been specially asked to illustrate a tattoo for one third of the Hello Pretty team, Adeline.

I love tattoos and their intricate designs. I find them a great expression of form and have much regard for these artists and reckon its a skill that deserve respect as it usually as a negative stigma attached to it. No more of this thinking in the modern world! There are far too many hipsters with well-crafted ink to allow this nowadays.

"First Doodle on The Alex Theater roof in Braamfontein!
26 May (this Sunday) from 2pm to 5pm. Parking around Braamfontein or on Stiemens Street.
Bring your blankets and cushions along! Let’s DOODLE away!"

(image via 1000s Drawings)

Happy Friday illustrator friends. Here are some further details about Night of 1000 Drawings. Anyone and everyone should and can get involved. Click on over to BizCommunity for their article on these good guys. Draw anything, with anything, on anything. 

(image via 1000s Drawings)